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Immigrations laws are enforced by two federal government departments - Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Canada Border Services Agency. They also work with the Canadian police, the Canadian Security Intelligence Services, and the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness to enforce these laws.

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Q: How does the Canadian government enforce its immigration laws?
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What is the function of the government organization called ice?

Enforce immigration laws.

What best describes the role of the US government regarding immigration?

The role of the US government regarding immigration is to establish and enforce immigration laws and policies, including border control and determining who is eligible for entry into the country. The government oversees the processing of visas and immigration applications, as well as the enforcement of deportation and removal proceedings for individuals who violate immigration laws.

Does the local government enforce laws?


What government has the power to make and enforce laws?

Concurrent/Shared Powers has the power to enforce laws.

Which government has the power to make laws for immigration and citizenship?

The legislative branch has the power to establish laws on immigration. The State Department and the Homeland Security has the power to enforce the laws.

What government agencies enforce the laws to protect society?

It is the EXECUTIVE Branch of government that enforces the laws.

Under the Articles of Confederation could central government enforce laws passed by Congress?

no they could not enforce the laws.

Does the states help the national government in the area of immigration policy?

Yes, states do play a role in helping the national government in the area of immigration policy. While the federal government has the ultimate authority to create and enforce immigration laws, states can assist by cooperating with federal immigration agencies, sharing information, and implementing certain immigration policies at the state level. However, the balance of power between the federal government and states in this area can vary and has been the subject of ongoing debate.

What government agency deals with immigration laws?

Immigration and Naturalization Service

Why is the executive branch nessesary for your government?

Someone has to enforce the laws.

What job of job executive branch of government?

enforce laws

What are the functions of the three arms of government?

They implement laws and enforce them