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The Constitution and government are established by the people.

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Q: How does the Preamble to the US Constitution suggest the political principle of the social compact?
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Mayflower Compact vs Constitution Preamble?

Constitution is more important

The Mayflower Compact is an example of what fundamental political principle?

The Mayflower Compact was an early example of the idea that a society should be based on a set of rules chosen by its members.

The Mayflower Compact 1620 was significant in the political development of thr American colonies because it introduced the principle of?

A- self-government. :)

The political theory on which Jefferson and Madison based their antifederalist resolutions declaring that the thirteen sovereign states had created the Constitution?

Compact Theory

What was the political theory on which Jefferson and Madison based their antifederalist resolutions declaring that the thirteen sovereign stats had created the constitution?

Compact theory

What principle did the Mayflower Compact introduce?

The compat introduced the principle of the Social Contract.

Was the Mayflower compact a constitution?


What was the first written constitution in America?

The Mayflower Compact was NOT a constitution. It was a social agreement. The answer is the Articles of Confederation.

One of the long term political consequences of the northern victory was?

The end of nullification and secession threats or The final defeat of the southern concept of the constitution a compact of states

What agreements does the constitution prohibit the states from making?

The interstate compact agreement is the agreement that the constitution prohibit the states from making.

What documents are considered forerunners of the US Constitution?

The Mayflower Compact was the first and true forerunner to the written constitution in America. It was also the forerunner to the articles of confederation. the declaration of indepence and the articles of confederation

What are the similarities between the Mayflower Compact and us constitution preamble?

When you read the Mayflower Compact and the PreAmble to the Constitution, you can see some similarities - not in the wording, but in the intent. Mayflower Compact For our better ordering Preservation and furtherance of colony Just and equal laws,ordinances,acts, constitutions, and offices shall be thought most meet ..the general good of the colony we all commit and submit to these and obey them Preamble: Forming a more perfect union - order Insure domestic tranquility - preservation, common defense Establish justice - laws for the good of all Promote the welfare of all people Secure liberty to ourselves and offspring - we all commit to uphold, obey and support this Constitution These are some of the obvious points.