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It affects citizens because you all live under these rights and they are there to protect your human and democratic rights so if they rule whatever changed they can affect the way you live and your rights.

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The court system ensures that laws are followed. They also ensure that individuals breaking the law get the sentences they deserve.

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It can rule laws unconstitutional that violates rights protected in the Constitution.

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Q: How does the US Supreme Court affect the rights of citizens?
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How does the supreme court's decision in each case affect the rights of american citizen?

How does the supreme court's decision in each case affect the rights of american citizen?

When supreme court gives advice to president?

Only if the matter relates to the violation of fundamental rights of the citizens

How did the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision affect all of the territories in the U.S.?

The decision made slaves property and said they didn't have rights of citizens, so no matter where they lived they were still property.

Does congress have the most influence in defining what United states citizens rights are exactly?

The ultimate answer lies with the Supreme Court.

What department of federal government protects a citizens civil rights?

The supreme court and executive branch share this job

How did the supreme court decision in slaughterhouse cases affect American businesses?

it showed that business have rights

What did the supreme court rule about women's rights in the late 1800s?

That just because they were U.S. citizens does not mean that they automatically get the right to vote.

Which refers to a series of supreme court rulings that used the 14th amendment to protect basic rights of citizens from state government?

the guarantees of freedom

What are Supreme Court guideline for free speech?

In the United States the 1st Amendment gives citizens the right to free speech. The Supreme Court has several stipulations to this right. One does not have the right to slander another person. One must also not use their free speech to endanger or infringe on the rights of other citizens. The Supreme Court also regulates the freedom of speech within the category of advertisement.

Which court is responsible for enforcement of fundamental rights?

supreme court and high court

How have the US Supreme Court decisions about state rights changed over time?

How have the supreme court has changes

What challenges have advances in technology posed for supreme court justices trying to interpret the bill of rights?

There were a few challenges that have advances in technology for Supreme court. This was what interpret the Bill of Rights.