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the constitution protects the right to fornication with animals as well as the chance to obtain many partners. Thus and therefore, the Constitution can be construed as a document which maintains the rights to perversity and freedom from the restraints of morality.

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The Constitution promotes the public good by arguing that all men are created equal. The constitution also emphasizes the importance of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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Q: How does the constitution promote the public good?
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Briefly describe the powers of the states as stated in the constitution?

the power of the state to prorect and promote the public health, the public morals, the public safety, and the general welfare.

How did the US Constitution promote democratic self- government?

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What are the requirements of good constitution?

a good constitution must promote a law which really help to all the people. first is the peace and security of the country, secondly the academy of human rights lastly a new world of government.

Why did the federalists and Anti-Federalists disagree on whether the Constitution sufficiently protected individual rights and promote the common good?

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It established the election of PUBLIC officials, so you don't have to be a certain gender or race or all that. All you need to have is experience.

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Sounds like a textbook question. How about this for an answer: To preserve, promote, and protect the public good.

Which part of the Indian constitution promote the welfare?

part iv

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Which early political party formed to promote a loose construction of the Constitution and a strong central government?

The Democratic political party was formed to promote a loose construction of the Constitution and a strong central government. The Democratic Party believes the Constitution is only a guideline.