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through grants, taxation etc.

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Q: How does the federal government financially links itself to the states?
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Automobile company helped financially by the federal government?

Chrysler and General Motors were both bailed out by the United States and Canadian governments.

In what kind of government system is the national government subordinate to the states?

The power-sharing between a central government and those of the individual states is a federal government.

Can the federal government keep money to states if states don't adhere to federal law?

Absolutely! The Federal Government has done this many times.

Why do you call the US government a federal government?

The U.S. Government is called a Federal Government because it is at the Federal (or highest) Level, there is no other government above it.The United States is both a republic and a "federation" of the individual states. The national administration (of the states as a whole) is therefore the federal one.

What is North Carolina's federal government?

North Carolina, as with all States, has a state government, not a federal government.

Where is the federal government?

The federal government of the Unites States of America is located in Washington, DC.

How is a federal government created?

A federal government is created by all states coming together to form a national government. This was out of the need of the states to share authority in a central government.

What power are shared by the federal and state of government?

Powers shared between states and the federal government are Concurrent powers.

What is Mexico's current type of federal government?

Mexico's government is a federal republic similar to the government of the United States.

What does the word federal imply?

The word federal refers to the federal government, or the largest form of government in the United States. It can also refer to taxes which are paid to the federal government or people who work for the federal government.

Where is the federal government based?

The federal government of the Unites States of America is located in Washington, DC.

How is the 50 states' government of America structured?

The United States government is a federal government with a constitution as the framework.