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how do the government handle domestic policy now

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Q: How does the government handle domestic policy?
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The Great Depression that started in 1929 left a legacy that changed the way the government handled domestic policy The government now?

B- Tries to handle economic factors and cycles the best way possible

What is a domestic policy?

Domestic policy can be defined as a policy which publicly deals with laws and government programs that affect the borders. It covers a range of things from education to personal rights to personal rights and freedom.

Which government agency primarily deals with domestic policy issues?

the state department

 domestic policy ?

The actions a government takes regarding issues within the country.

Which is an example of a government policy that protects domestic producers against international competition?


A government policy that protects domestic producers against international competition?


Executive checks and balances?

The Executive Branch of government has more power over foreign policy than over domestic policy.

which was an important domestic policy issue for the united states in the 1970s?

Government programs discouraging stagflation

What does the domestic policy on immigration include?

The domestic policy on immigration includes issues such as housing, benefits, education and schooling for children. They are complicated issues and one should find more details from their local government.

What was Wilson's domestic policy?

what were some domestic policy for Woodrow Wilson?

Providing rapid and effective response to and recovery from a domestic consequence is what type of function?

a. Supporting function or b. domestic mission c. government policy c.

The Constitution gives state governments the right to be involved in domestic issues. What role does the federal government take if there are issues with domestic policy?

It serves as the final authority to resolve issues with domestic policies.