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Popular sovereignty is the belief that all political power is ultimately held by the people. The people agree to relinquish some power, but not all. Since only a portion of the power is given to rulers, their authority is limited and the remaining powers reside with the people. The people, through voting can vote for or against proposed laws, thereby stopping government officials from enacting laws on their own. This keeps government officials from having too much power and limits corruption.

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Q: How does voting limit the power of the government?
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Who did not benefit from government support during the Johnson administration?

Those who favored SegregationLocal government who wished to limit voting

What can be considered a structural way to limit government?

The most basic way to limit government is through the voting process. The guaranteed right to choose representatives, through the election process, limits government.

How did Hepburn Act Change the government's role in industry?

The Hepburn act gave the government the power to set and limit shipping costs.

What are constitutional governments?

A constitutional government is a government that has a limit to the power.

What is the document that grants power to a local government?

The people give the local government power through voting.

What was bill of right?

limit the power of the government

What Constitutional powers help to limit the power of government?

The constitutional powers that help to limit the power of government is dividing it into three branches. The three branches of government are executive, legislative and judiciary.

The power of one branch of government to limit the power of another branch are known as?

Controls given to one branch of government to limit the power of another branch are known as checks and balances.

Does the Norway constitution limit the power of the government?


How did federalism limit the power of the central government?

It creates two sovereigns, the national government and the state governments

Who is the head of your government?

The head of our government is,of course,the president,but when you really think about it,the people have some power over him in voting...

How does the 8Th amendment limit the power of the federal government?

cuz can