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The Presidential power has grown over time given the roles that he has been tasked with to perform both locally and internationally. The President is also required to make certain hard decisions.

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With his executive orders and agreements.

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Presidential power has grown

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Q: How has the presidential power grown over time?
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What has been the trend over time with regard to presidential power?

it has steadily increased

What time will the 2009 presidential inauguration air in the pacific time zone?

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What time period has Traian Basescu been in power of Romania?

After the presidential elections, December 2004.

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How does the presidential nominating process illustrates process of the constitutional change and development?

The presidential nominating process illustrates constitutional change and development because it shows the power of a democracy. Over time the nominating process has changed significantly and gives everyone a chance verses just a certain type of person.

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What presidential election marked the first time power was peacefully transferred from one political party to another?

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What is the presidential pardon power?

The presidential pardon power is the authority granted to the President of the United States to grant clemency and forgive federal offenses. The President can use this power to release individuals from legal consequences or reduce their sentences. It is a discretionary power and can be exercised at any time during a President's term in office.

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if u had a chose were would u live right ur answers

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What has caused an increase over time in the president's delegated power?

The Congress has delegated powers of the President to increase so he can make more necessary decisions to help run the US.