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theyve changed in size (olden day have gotten smaller-ruins but recently built will wear down longer, become more resistant, larger for longer)

royalty (royalty dont neccesarily live in castles nowadays, when back then they did.)

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There is also the additon of a secret, sex chamber in Buckingham palace which is now very common in modern castles unlike in old fashioned castles.

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they evolved from wood to stone to keep the safest part of the castle protected from fires and rebels.

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Q: How have castles changed over time?
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How did motte and bailey castles change over time?

it changed because wood is out of style

Why did rulers build castles and why did they change over time?

They did this because if anyone in the country protest about the king they can build castles for the protection and for a battle with any other country. They changed over time because some of the stone would get old and rot and also to improve the castles protection.

How did castles change though time?

Yes Castles have changed through time to midevil castles to modern day castle in the U.S or Britain. But People call modern castles mansions.

How did castles change over the centuries?

over the years castles have changed from being made of wood , for its light weight , to stone for its sturdiness. castles have changed because of both advances in technology and the fact of the enemy's getting smarter and able to defeat the new castles after their advances. the shapes of the castles have also changed to . for example on the motte and bailey castles the shape of the keep changed from being a square shape to being a round shape . this changed because the corners on the square allowed less viewing , making it a circle allowed the people inside to view from all angles, being able to watch out for the enemy's. although the shape was good on the motte and bailey castles, the material was not very good as wood could be burnt and broken easily. they needed to find a new material that could overcome the enemy's effort's. this is when stone castles came into use. the stone was good as it could not be burnt or broken easily, but they would have to change the shape of the castle as the workers would not be able to haul the large stones up the mound of earth on the motte and bailey castles. castle development went in this order: motte and bailey castles stone keep castles concentric castles quadrangular castles

How castles changed through the medieval times?

coz the weapons to destroy dem have changed over time so the castles change, when the castles were made out of wood the attackers burned it down but then a boff came along and said "why dont we build the castles out of brick so we dont get burned down"

How the castles changed over time?

this is because... blahh bla blahh i hate history so get a life xx love ya xx

What has changed in stone castles?

It is that they have been made into concentric castles

Why have castles changed over time?

Castles now are more houses or museums which is one thing. Further on in time there were less attacks or threats so there was no need to spend money on making them "extremely" protective, and eventually they just became houses as, say England was a safer place.

When were castles changed?


How castles changed?


What are the major differences of renaissance castles and medieval castles?

Medieval castles were more likely protective but not in a so smart way.The Renaissance was the time that everything changed, things got better than before

How has anemometers changed over time?

how the anemometer changed over time