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Q: How have totalitarian governments utilize art?
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What country had a totalitarian style of government?

China, Cuba, Russia, Philippines, Iran, North Korea, right now have totalitarian governments.

What is the name for a government that exerts strictly defined power over the population?

Generally speaking this is an administrative form of government, Totalitarian. A Totalitarian form of government can exist in almost any base form of government. For example a Totalitarian: Democracy, Monarchy, Dictatorship, Oligarchy; however some form of governments would specifically limit it, so would not (at least in theory) be possible, such as a Totalitarian Republic.

Why is totalitarian often considered to be more efficient at making decisions then a democratic one?

In a totalitarian society one person is in charge. This person is called a dictator and there is no freedom of voting, expression, art, press, or personal decisions. Every thing in the society is controlled. In a democracy it is the opposite. People are allowed to vote, protest, create, and make decisions that are best for them.

Which term refers to the process of a single ruler controlling the government structure but not the social lives of the people?


In a unitary and totalitarian system who makes the laws?

A Totalitarian government is not a single base form of government, it is an administrative type of government that requires a base form of government to exist. You can have a, Totalitarian: Dictatorship, Monarchy, Oligarchy, Democracy, etc. but you cannot have a 'free form totalitarian' government as it has no base existence.