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The bill is first introduced by a member of the legislature and then it is referred to a committee in both houses. Each house must then vote on the bill and if a majority vote is reached in both houses, the bill then it sent to the President to be signed into law.

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A bill is made legal in Australia when the bill has been passed through both the lower and upper house of parliament and has been given royal assent by the crown. The crown then proclaims A day in which the bill will become a law

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Q: How is a bill made into a law in the us government?
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What government does the protection in the Bill of Rights were specifically made applicable to?

The US government?

How a law is passed in the US government?

a law is passed by the government when the people who work for the government and are rule makers work together and have to have an agreement to turn the bill into a law. then the president has to make an approval for it to be turned into a law. then when everyone thinks its a good idea, then its turned into a law :)

Which branch of Government makes law?

In the US, the US Congress passes bills and they are sent to the president to be signed into law. Some bills, however, are vetoed by a president. The bill is then sent back to Congress and if a two thirds vote passes the bill, the bill is law. The president must sign such a bill.

Powers denied to US government are suspending the writ of habeas corpus bill of attainder and ex post what law?


Who made the executive branch of the republican government?

The Executive Branch of Government was set in place by the US Constitution which was written by Thomas Jefferson and ratified in June of 1781. The Executive Branch is part of a three-fold government designed to balance the power in the US Government. The Executive branch consists of the President and his advisory cabinet which is there to help him make decisions on matters. The President must sign a law in order fr it to become a law. There are times when a president can choose not to sign a law; this is called a veto. A can only be broken if 2/3 of congress votes in favor of the bill. Then the bill is passed as a law. The President can also make an executive decree which takes the same precedence as a law.

Why does Us have 3 branches of power in our government?

There is the Executive branch which signes the bill into law. There is the Judicial branch which makes sure before a bill is signed into law that it is constitutional . There is also the Legislative branch which makes the laws. That is it.

Who signs the bills into law?

In the US, a bill sent from the US Congress to the president. The president can then sign the bill into law. At the state level there is the same principle. The state legislature passes a bill and the state governor can sign the bill into law. This system has worked well for the US in its history.

Who signs the bill into law's?

IN the US, a bill that has been passed by Congress become law when the President signs it.

What is US law vs Federal law?

They are referring to the same thing. The Federal Government makes the US Law.

Why was marijuana made illegal in the US?

Because the government, with the consent of the people, believing it is dangerous passed a law forbidding its use.

What is the power to make a law in congress called?

In speaking about the US Congress, an idea for a new law or a change in an existing law is called a bill. If both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate agree on this piece of legislation that they believe should now be the "law of the land" the bill is sent to the US President to sign into law. If the president is opposed to the legislation there is a process to either alter the bill or for a president to veto a bill. Often times there is a compromise between the president and congress to enable the bill to be signed into law.

Who signs the bill into a law?

IN the US, a bill that has been passed by Congress become law when the President signs it.