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It is linked to public works because public works are the works of building such as roads and schools, so a strong government will help the public works do what has to be done.

(I don't know if this is correct but that is what I think it is.)

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yeah yeah

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Q: How is a strong government linked to public works?
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How do you use public works in a sentence?

The government does public works

Do you Organizing such projects was a necessary job for early governments?

yes because in order to make a strong government you have to have bigger and stronger public works

What is difference between civil and public servant in Nigeria?

A Civil Servant is a Government worker who works in the core ministry while a Public servant is government worker who is a professional and works in Government agency or parastatal

Is law a part of the public domain?

Written laws, as works of the government, are in the public domain.

What are some Assyrian public works?

Some public works from the government in Assyria were to build canals and to pay for the irrigation system(farming).

What published works are not copyrighted?

Works for which protection has expired are in the public domain. In the US, works of the federal government are not protected.

What is attentive public?

The attentive public is the sector of society that is interested in politics and understands how government works.

What disaster was reversed by government spending on public works?

Roosevelt Recession

What Is Non government Organization?

A Non Government Organization (NGO) is an organization that works with public policy or for the public good but is not run by a government. One example would be the Red Cross.

What is a public service worker?

Any person who works for a city, state or government that works and does a service for the public. (garbage collector, mail person, firemen, ect)

What is DPWH?

DPWH is a department in the Philippine government and stands for: Department of Public Works and Highways.

What are features of communist government?

Dictatorship, using public taxes for public works, not to give tax breaks to the rich.