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Armistice is different from surrendering. It's the stopping of fighting so both sides find a truce. Surrendering is the declaration of defeat by one side. The winning side provides the terms of surrender.

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Q: How is an armistice different than surrendering?
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Why is Armistice Day on a different day than Anzac Day?

They commemorate different events which occurred on different days. ANZAC Day is on the anniversary of the landing of these troops on the Gallipoli Peninsula. Armistice Day is the anniversary of the day upon which war was declared at end in WWI. Thought at the time as being the war to end all wars.

How do the Japanese feel about surrendering?

Surrendering was not an option.

What option do the Spaniards have when their plight becomes desperate and what do they choose to do?

When the Spaniards' plight becomes desperate, they have the option of surrendering or fighting to the death. In many cases, they chose to fight valiantly until the bitter end rather than surrendering.

What event did Armistice Day celebrate?

Armistice Day was the end of WWI, after WWII, the date was moved and renamed Veterans Day. Much of the world recognizes Armistice Day as November 11. It is called different things in different countries, but it marks the official end of the First World War (November 11, 1918, 11:11am, GMT)

Is armistice a major victory?

An armistice is more than a cease-fire, its like a temporary treaty. It ends hostilities (longer than a cease-fire). Its supposed to be the prelude to a treaty. It doesn't last very long so its a temporary measure.

What rhymes with Armistice?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word armistice.

Believers of islam the arabic word for the surrendering ones?

The word Islam means surrender. Other than that, do you have a question?

When did armistice go into effect?

The armistice went into effect in 1918

What did the armistice do for the World War I?

The Armistice officially ended WW1.

What was Veterans' Day called in 1919?

Veterans Day was called Armistice Day in 1919.

Is Armistice capitalized?

Yes, "Armistice" is typically capitalized as it refers to a specific event or agreement, such as the Armistice that ended World War I.

What is another word for gives up?

The verbal phrase 'giving up' has several meanings.Here are some one-word synonyms for some of the different meanings of 'giving up.'To admit defeat:capitulating, conceding, submitting, surrendering, quiting.To cease activity:abandoning, quiting, renouncing, stopping.To despair:despairing.To disclose:betraying, disclosing, divulging, revealing.To hand over:delivering, relinquishing, surrendering.