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Q: How is extended debate in the US Senate terminated?
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What occurred over a seat in the US Senate?

Lincoln-Douglass Debate

Limit on the debate of a bill in the senate?

If the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is part of the majority, he or she gets to write the _______.

As a result of the Lincoln-Douglas debate who was elected to the Senate?

Lincoln was not elected to the Senate after the Lincoln-Douglas debate . US Senators were still elected by state legislatures, and in 1859, the Illinois legislature selected Douglas for the U.S. Senate over Lincoln by a vote of 54 to 46.

How does the US Senate lead the US?

The US Senate is one of the two chambers of the US Congress, and it plays a key role in shaping the country's laws and policies. The Senate is responsible for passing, amending, and rejecting proposed legislation, including the approval of presidential appointments and ratification of treaties. It provides checks and balances within the US government and acts as a forum for debate and negotiation on important issues affecting the nation.

Who is part of the senate?

Do you mean the US senate, the Canadian Senate, or the Roman senate.

How is the President of the US Senate chosen?

Senate PresidentThe President of the US Senate is the Vice President of the US. you got to write names on it

What is the number of judges on the US Senate?

There are no judges in the US Senate, there are Senators.

What is the main function of the US Senate?

what is the main function of the US senate?

What tactic did senators use to try block the passage of the civil rights act of1964 for more that two months?

Single senator can block legislation in the Senate via a filibuster - continuing the debate indefinitely. It requires a 3/5 majority to end a filibuster (60 votes in the current 100 senator US-Senate). When the bill came before the full Senate for debate on March 30, 1964, the "Southern Bloc" of 18 Democrat Senators invoked the filibuster to prevent a vote on it. After 54 days, a substitute bill was introduced. Eventually a cloture (vote to end debate) was passed and the substitute bill was passed by the Senate on June 19.

Is ObamaCare good for us?

Millions are seeing their plans terminated, and new rates are skyrocketing. The president continues to lie, and has extended the time for you to keep your old plan for a year, just to by pass the 2014 mid term elections. There is nothing good in that.

How long is the US Senate elected for?

The US senate is elected for 6 years

What did Abraham Lincoln gain from Lincoln Douglas debate in spite of losing 1858 US Senate election of Stephen a Douglas?

he gained growing respect and a political following that would help him later novanet.