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the are in for bacon years

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Q: How is someone placed on the supreme court?
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How are supreme court placed on the court?


How are supreme court members placed one the court?


How are the supreme members placed on the court?


Which is not a limit placed upon the supreme court?

A limit not placed on the supreme court is that they get to choice which cases they want to hear. The supreme court holds the full say so in which cases they choice and they only hear few cases throughout the year.

What is placed on the tables at each US Supreme Court session?

The US Supreme Court places a white quill pen on the attorneys' tables as a memento of their appearance before the the Court.

What did president Roosevelt attempt to do in response to these supreme courts decisions?

make a bill that placed more justices on the Supreme Court

How many cases are placed before the Supreme Court in a typical business session?


What Two limits are placed upon the powers of the supreme court?

opinions relating to legislation

Which court would someone accused wilful murder be tried?

supreme/county court

If the US President approves a law does it go to US Supreme Court?

No, the Supreme Court has no part of the law making process. If someone challenges the validity of a law, it may end up in the Supreme Court.

Can the US Supreme Court sentence someone who has an out of state warrant?

No. The US Supreme Court doesn't hold trials; they hear appeals. Sentences are imposed by the trial court.

What are two limits placed upon the powers of the US Supreme court?

opinions relating to legislation