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One lawyer defends the person accused of a crime while another, the prosecutor, give reasons why he or she should be found guilty. A jury made up of 12 people decides guilt or innocence. A judge presides over the court trial and determines the sentence or punishment. If someone is found guilty, punishment starts immediately but they can appeal the decision with another judge.

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Q: How is the court system organized?
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How is your legal system organized including the difference between trials and appeals and between state and federal court system?


How is the judicial system of Great Britain organized?

The judicial system of Great Britain is pyramidal in organization.

How is the state of Florida Court system organized?

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Can RICO be used against Cleveland municipal court?

RICO is the Federal Law against organized crime. The Cleveland Ohio Court system does not fall under organized crime. It simply would not fit the RICO criteria or statute. If you feel there is a problem with how the Court is run, then take your concern to the FBI and ask for an investigation.

Why is it important to understand how the court system is organized and how it functions before reading case law?

It affects the reading of the cases. You need to know which court is reviewing the decision of another court. And the decisions will be ranked by precedence according to the highest level court.

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The Judiciary Act of 1789For more information, see Related Questions, below.

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See the Judiciary Act of 1789. Not only did it establish the three tiered structure of the federal court system, but established the supreme court as well. It left the details of lower courts to Congress.

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