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The answer depends on which legislature.

The members of the U.S. Congress are normally elected in a general election in November. If a member leaves office before their term is up the Governor of their State may appoint their replacement or a special election my be held to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term.

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In the United States, members of the legislative branch are elected by the public. Every registered voter can cast a vote for representatives and senators up for election.

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Congress gets elected by the people.

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Q: How is the legislative branch elected?
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Which branch can be elected by residents of that state?

Legislative branch peeps

How are people chosen to serve in each branch?

The Judicial Branch is nominated by the Executive Branch, with the concurrance of the Legislative Branch. The Executive Branch are appointed by the President once he has been elected. The Legislative Branch is elected by the people.

How are the representatives of the legislative branch elected?

with a knife!

Which branch is selected by popular votes?

Congress (legislative branch) is elected by popular vote.

The legislative branch is elected by whom?

The legislative branch is electected by the people in a direct democracy The legislative branch of the US government is made up of the senate and house of representatives. These individuals are elected by the people who reside in the area they are to have responsibility over.

How do the people in the legislative branch get their job?

In the US and in many democratic nations, the officials within a legislative branch of government are normally elected by the people they serve.

Can the senators in the legislative branch be re elected?


What is the legislative branch of Serbia?

The legislative branch of Serbia is The National Assembly. There are 250 elected officials in this assembly. They are able to apply supreme legislative powers.

Who works at legislative?

THe members of legislative branch consist of all our elected representatives and their staffs..

Who are the current elected leaders of the legislative branch?

Joe biden

How do people in the legislative branch get their positions?

Legislative branch of government is Parliament. Member of Parliament are elected by the citizens of a country. They also can be called representatives.

Is the legislative branch appointed by the Supreme Court?

Certainly not. Congress is the legislative group and they are elected by the people they represent.