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They are the longest sitting member of the majority party of the senate

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Q: How is the president pro tempore chosen?
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In the Vice President's absence the presiding officer of the Senate is the?

President Pro Tempore of the Senate. The office also existed in the Confederate States of America.

If a senate seat needs to be filled because of an emergency who is in charg of filling it?

President pro tempore President pro tempore President pro tempore

Who is president pro tempore?

Since 1890, the most senior senator in the majority party has generally been chosen to be president pro tempore; this tradition has been observed without interruption since 1949. During the Vice President's absence, the president pro tempore is empowered to preside over Senate sessions.Orrin Hatch, a Republican and senior senator from Utah, is the president pro tempore of the Senate, having assumed office in January 2015.

Who is currently the president pro tempore?

The current president pro tempore is Daniel Inouye from Hawaii.

What is an honorary position in the Senate?

As the people's representative to make various legislation, this gives the members of the senate the honorary position.

Who is the presiding officer over the senate when Vice-president is not attendance?

There are two different possible answers. Officially, the president pro tempore is to preside. However, that title is now used mainly as an honorific, given to the longest-serving Senator of the majority party. The president pro tempore has the power to appoint another Senator to act as presiding officer for a given day of Senate proceedings.

Who would assume the office of president after the president pro tempore?

The Secretary of State is next in line after the pro tempore.

Is Nancy Pelosi the president pro tempore?

No, Nancy Pelosi is not the president pro tempore. Patrick Leahy currently holds that position.

Who becomes president if all president vice president speaker of the house secretary of state and president pro tempore all die?

The President pro tempore of the Senate is the next in line of succession after the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

How is the president pro tempore selected?

The president pro tempore is elected by the Senate and is customarily the longest serving senator in the majority party.Originally, the president pro tempore was appointed on an intermittent basis when the vice president was not present to preside over the Senate.

One responsibility of the is to act as chairperson of the senate?

The Vice-president of the US serves as the President of the Senate, therefore he acts like a chairman would in running the meeting. If the vice-president is unavailable to perform these duties, one of the Senators is chosen from among themselves to be "President pro-tempore" of the Senate.

In what house does the President Pro-Tempore occur?

The President Pro-Tempore serves in the Senate. This person presides over the Senate when the Vice-President is not in attendance.