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In the National Archives. Check out

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it is in one of the smithsonians the largest and most gaurded museum in the world

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Q: How is the us constitution stored to protect it from damage?
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Where was The US Constitution previously stored?

Washington dc

What must the president protect?

He promises to protect the US Constitution when he is sworn into office.

What does the amendment five of the constitution protect us from?

rights of the accused

Does Article I Section 8 of the US Constitution gives Congress the power to protect the US?


The US Constitution is an example of?

The constitution of the U.S is like a .police man. They protect you ,help you and give the best they can

What was the porpose of adding the bill of rights to the US constitution?

To protect their rights.

What idea is expressed in The US Constitution?

an individuals right to justice is something they can protect

In what ways does the US Constitution protect citizens against unlawful prosecution?

It doesn't.

Why do people take an oath to support the constitution?

The Constitution protects us, so as long as political office holders protect the Constitution, we're OK.

How does the constitution protect us from a hardship that can exist in dictatorship?

the protect us by making sure our country is safe. p.s. this is Miley Cyrus call me at 564-0935

Which branch takes the oath to preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the US?

all branches

What does the US Supreme Court protect?

The US Supreme Court upholds and protects the integrity of the Constitution, at least in theory.