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It lasted TWELVE days, from July 10, 1925 to July 21, 1925.

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Q: How long did the Scopes Money Trial last?
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Who wins the scopes trial?

Legally, William Jennings Bryan won the Scopes trial. But the long-term effect of the Scopes trial was the end of the fundamentalist movement and the rise of modernism and urban values such as evolution and science over religion.

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Long term effects of scopes trial?

Although Scopes lost his case, the media circus surrounding the whole affair was so humiliating to the Creationists, that they all crawled back under their rocks, and did not dare to expose themselves to the light of day until the Regan years.

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Why was the trial so important in the debate between religion and science in the Scope Monkey Trial In 1925?

First of all, the Scopes trial did not play *any* role in any debate between religion and science as far as I'm aware. Science and religion are fundamentally opposed, and as long as both exist, there will be debate between them. Rather, the Scopes trial played an important role in *legislation* related to the teaching of science in school, rather than teaching fundamentalist religious doctrine as if it were fact. The role the Scopes trial played in this was that it made both the public and judicial authorities aware of the issues involved, up to and including the conflicts between the USA constitution and various state constitutions, as well as the conflicts between both US and state constitutions, and practice.

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What was the result of te scopes monkey trial?

Scopes was declared guilty, but people felt the law violated the Constitution. Scopes was fined and the law was upheld.

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