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Parliament sits for 82 days which is 16 weeks and 2 days. From James H

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how long is Canada?

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Q: How long does Canada's parliament sit?
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Where do the members of Parliament sit when elections take place?

Parliament is closed during elections so they can sit anywhere they like, as long as it isn't in Ottawa.

Do members of the Scottish parliament sit in Westminster?

No, they sit in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. However, Scottish constituencies can, and do, elect members to sit in the UK Parliament in London.

Where does the queen sit in the Parliament Canberra?


What is Section 91 and 92 of Canadas Constitution?

Those sections outline the specific duties of the Parliament and the Provincial governments in creating and enforcing law

Do you have to be Scottish to sit in the Scottish parliament?


Where does the prime minister sit in the parliament house?

in her office

What can you do at the houses of parliament?

If you are not a member you can sit and listen from the gallery.

Which city did the first parliament sit?

us nun

In what year did the first Austrlian Parliament sit?

The Parliament of Australia, officially known as The Parliament of the Commonwealth, was founded in 1901. The first parliament met in Melbourne, Victoria.

What do you mean by parliament?

The Parliament is the British equivalent of the American Senate. The people elect their Members of Parliament for their particular area who sit in the Parliament. They then vote proposals into law.

Where does federal Parliament sit?

For which federation? There is more than one country in the world which is a federation run by a parliament.

Where did Parliament sit in the times of Henry viii?

westminster abbey