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After 10 days it becomes (called a pocket veto) it becomes law.

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Q: How long does is take for a bill to become a law if the president doesnt react to it?
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How long does it take for a bill to become a law if the president does not react to it?

Ten days

When the president signs a bill does it become a law?

Yes, the president can sign a bill that become a law.

How does a bill become a law in US?

A BILL does not automatically become a LAW. It must be passed and sent to the President. Only when the President signs the bill does it become law.See below link:

When the president signs a bill it becomes a law?

A bill does become a law when a president signs it, but a bill can also become a law without the presidents signature.

Did Bill Clinton's vice president become president after him?


Why didn't Bill Clinton became president?

Bill Clinton did become president of the US. He didn't become president of anywhere else because he not a citizen of other countries.

What if the president forgets to veto a bill he does not want passed after ten days?

For the bill to become law, the President must sign the bill, or Congress must override his or her veto. So, if the President forgot about the bill, it would not become law.

When does bill become a law?

When it is signed by the president

Did Bill Gates become president?

Bill gates has never been president of the United States of America.

Could Bill Clinton become Vice President of the United States?

No, Bill Clinton can't become the Vice President of the United States. Why not? I know he can't be President but why not VP? Thank you

If bill clinton is elected vice president and something would happen to the president would he become president?

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Who can agree to a bill before it can become a law?

In the United States, when a bill that has been approved by both Houses of Congress, it is sent to the President. Thus a bill can become a law when the President signs it into law.