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A Parliament meeting has no time limit. They could go on and on indefinitely due to every member in the meeting having the chance to speak. The longest Parliament meeting has gone on for 3 days, which is typical of them.

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The meeting of congress will typically last about two years. This is done consecutively. There are two sessions to each term of Congress, one will accounts for each year.

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Q: How long does the meeting of congress last?
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Where was the last continental congress meeting?

The last Continental Congress was held at Philadelphiaâ??s State House. During this meeting, Congress unanimously passed the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

What does congress's mean?

Congress is a formal meeting of delegates.

What does congress mean?

Congress is a formal meeting of delegates.

What was the meeting of the revision of the articles of confederation called?

the congress meeting

A meeting of representatives from all of the colonies was called a?


A member of Congress cannot be arrested for speeding while going to a meeting of Congress.?


Which event occurred last vermont joins the union constitutional convention the meeting of the first congress the bill of rights is ratified?

The constitutional convention occurred second.

When does the yearly meeting of congress take place?

The yearly meetings of congress

What is a sentence with the word commencement?

At the commencement of the meeting, everybody did not expect it to last long.

How long does a typical session congress last?

until the work is completed

What year did the second continental congress convene?

The Second Continental Congress began meeting in the summer of 1775, not long after the start of the Revolutionary War. It took place in Philadelphia, PA.

Was John Tyler a member of the confederacy?

John Tyler was elected as a representative to the Confederate Congress long after he was President of the US. In fact, he died in Richmond where he went for the meeting of the Congress in 1862.