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They serve in four year terms. Currently, a president can only serve 2 terms.

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Q: How long is a president president for?
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How long cans the president serve?

as long as the president

How long is a president elected in Canada?

There is no president in Canada.

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Who was the long pant president?

James Madison was the first US President to wear long pants.

How long was Theodore Roosevelt vice president for?

He was not vice president that long. When William McKinley died Roosevelt took over being the president

How long do the vice president have to wait after the president dies?

He does not have to wait; he can be the president as soon as he dies:)

For how long can the President be a President?

The President can only serve two terms, 8 years.

How long does the Vice President remain as an Acting President?


How long did Switzerland president been president?

one yers

What is a term for a president?

The term for a president is 4 years long.

How long does president stay president in Brazil?

46 seconds

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