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In the United States, the president's term of office is four years. For many years, presidents were expected to serve no more than two consecutive terms, but there was no law about it-- in fact, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected four times. But in 1951, the 22nd Amendment went into effect and now no president can serve more than two consecutive terms, or eight years.

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4 years unless the president was re-elected......but 8 years is the most. they can only be re-elected once!

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4 Years! :)

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Q: How long is the President's terms?
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How long is Presidents term?

The length of a term for the President of the United States is four years. A president may one serve two terms in his lifetime.

How Long can a presidents be a Office?

Two terms or ten years.

How long is the presidential term in french?

French presidents are elected for five-year terms.

How long were the presidents terms in 1932?

Each term was set at four years but there was no Constitutional limit on the number of terms you could be elected for.

How long us presidents take office?

they can serve a maximum of two four year terms

How long was Nicolas Sarkozy elected for?

French presidents are now elected for five-year terms.

How long is a President's term in Israel?

An Israeli Presidents' term is 7 years long, and they may only serve one term. Before 1993, a term was 5 years long, and presidents were limited to two terms.

Why cant a president serve a long term?

us presidents are allowed to sever two terms only

What is the Length of the presidents and vice presidents terms?

4 yrs

How long is the term of office?

For what office? Congressmen, Senators and Presidents all have different terms of office

How long do people elect presidents for?

4 years per term for a total of 2 terms or 8 years.

What is a presidents max terms?