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She burnt 283 Protestants during her 5 year reign, for being heretics.

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Q: How many Protestants did Mary burn?
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How many protestants did Mary kill?

Mary Tudor has Hanged 287 Protestants in her time. She would hang them for 1 Day. After this she would burn them at the stake. She believed this was a good way of killing the protestants. She thought that burning them was the only way to free the sins and demons from their souls.

How many people did Mary kill and why did she burn them?

Nearly 300 Protestants were burnt at the stake for refusing to convert from Protestantism to Catholicism.

What religion did bloody Mary burn?

"Bloody Mary", or Queen Mary of England (1516-1558), was a Catholic, and dealt severely with Protestants during most of her 5-year reign. As many as 300 were executed or burned at the stake for heresy.

Why was Mary un popular queen?

Mary was unpopular because she burnt many Protestants

How many Protestants did Mary of Scots Burn?

Mary Tudor or known as Mary 1 of England burned up to 74 people in London alone and killed a mass of 284 people in 5 years Yes, and it was'NT Mary of Scots, she was a completely different person. She was also a Protestant, and therefore would'NT have been burning them herself.

When were all the protestants burned because of their religion?

The buning of protestants started in 1555 England with Mary I.

Where did bloody Mary live?

Bloody Mary lived in the mirror

How many protestants did bloody Mary?

Mary I (also known as Bloody Mary) actually killed 284.She was known as Bloody Mary because of how many protestants she killed. She killed them by tying them to a wooden stake with loads of dead trees around and then she set it on fire. She thought she was doing them a favour with a quick death and tied black powder around their waists.

How many women did bloody Mary burn?


What are facts about bloody Mary?

1.) Mary was given the name''Bloody Mary'' because she had almost burnt innocent people and protestant at the stake in 5 years! 2.) She was a catholic but hated protestants. 3.) She accurately burnt 285 people including protestants and her sister Queen Elizabeth the 1st 5 in five years. 4.) She helped poor people.

What are the bad things that bloody Mary did?

she killed protestants

Who did Bloody Mary kill?

Protestants and her nanny when she was younger