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George Washington is the president that appointed the most Supreme Court Justices. There have been only seven US Presidents that served only one term.

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Q: How many US Presidents served only one term and appoint the most justices?
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How many supreme court justices must a president appoint during a four year term in office?

A president is not required to appoint any justices and may, in fact, not have an opportunity to do so. Justices serve for life, so presidents have to wait for a vacancy to arise through retirement or death.A president is not required to appoint any Supreme Court justices, unless there is a vacancy. The Supreme Court of the United States was created in 1789.

Is there a limit to the number of US Supreme Court justices one President can appoint?

No. It only depends on how many supreme court justices leave office during the Presidents term. For example, if all of them died and/or decided to retire, the president would have the opportunity to appoint the entire bench.

How many presidents never served in the senate?

There were 25 US presidents who never served in the Senate.

How many presidents served as vice president?

14 presidents served as vice president before becoming president

How many presidents graduated from ROTC?

Zero. Many Presidents served in the military, but none were in ROTC.

What president was commanded by another president?

Actually many future Presidents were commanded by Presidents. Example: JF Kennedy served in the Navy under Roosevelt and Trueman (Who served in the Army under Wilson). LB Johnson served in the Navy under FDR, George HW Bush served in the Navy under FDR & Trueman. Many of the Presidents served in the military and took orders from the Presidents in office.

How many US Supreme Court justices are Republican?

Five of the eight seated justices (there is currently one vacancy on the bench) were nominated by Republican Presidents and served in government during Republican administrations prior to appointment. It is probably reasonable to infer all five are Republicans.

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