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Two; Theodore ("Teddy') Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt
Two US Presidents are named Roosevelt. Theodore, the 26th President, and Franklin D., the 32nd President.
2, Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt

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Were they kin to each other?
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Q: How many US presidents were named Roosevelt?
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What two US presidents have the most NPS sites named for them?

Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt

How many presidents were named Nathaniel?

No US presidents were named Nathaniel.

What presidents is MT. Rushmore named after?

Mt. Rushmore is not "named after" any US Presidents. It's named after Charles Rushmore, a lawyer from New York. The presidents whose faces are carved on it are Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.

How many US presidents were named Franklin?

There were just two men who held the office of president that were named Franklin. They were Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was the 32nd president and Franklin Pierce who was the 14th.

Does Theodore Rooesevelt have any holidays named after him?

Theodore Roosevelt does NOT have any US holidays named after him, but he is included, with all other US Presidents, in the US "President's Day" holiday in February.

Franklin D. Roosevelt is related to how many other presidents by blood or marriage?

It is said Franklin D. Roosevelt was related to eleven other US Presidents.

How many us presidents were racist?

35 presidents are. Including Teddy Roosevelt.

How many US Presidents had the first name Franklin?

Franklin Pierce and Franklin Roosevelt.

How many cars were named after US presidents?

One, Lincoln

What US presidents have historians named as ones that extended executive privilege to new levels in their time?

Many US historians have named the following US presidents as ones who extended executive privilege to new levels of height in their time of office:* Andrew Jackson* Abraham Lincoln* Theodore Roosevelt* Franklin D. Roosevelt* Dwight D. Eisenhower* Richard M. NixonClearly it can be debated whether more presidents can be added to this list, but certainly six mentioned here should be on this list.

What two us presidents has the most national parks named after him?

The only U.S. President with a U.S. National Park named after him is Theodore Roosevelt, the "Conservationist President". Theodore Roosevelt National Park is in the Badlands of North Dakota.

What us presidents are distant cusins?

Franklin Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt were cousins.