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Q: How many US presidents were state legislators?
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How many state legislators are there in the US?

they are around 50 state in USA.

How many US presidents have been state governors?


What major function does the state legislature perform?

The state legislature's function is to make laws for a state and to see that the budget is balanced for a particular state. The state legislature is also responsible for making sure things that were appropriated for in the budget are getting paid.

How many state capitals are named after US vice-presidents?

Jefferson city

Which state gave us the most presidents?

Virginia is the home state to the most presidents.

How many state legislators are in the Arizona state legislature?

Arizona has 60 State Representatives and 8 US Representatives.

How many presidents served PA?

All US Presidents "serve" and "represent" every US State. The US President is is charge of the nation, not individual states, except collectively as "The United States of America". Every US State has a State Governor, the head of that individual State. The US has 50 States, hence, 50 governors.

How many legislators does New Jersey have?

The State Legislature has 40 Senators and 80 members of the General Assembly plus 2 US Senators and 13 US Representatives.

What state capital is the birthplace of seven presidents of the US?

Columbus is the capital city in the U.S. state of Ohio, the birthplace of seven presidents of the US.

Maine has a total of how many legislators?

Two US Senators and two US Representatives.

What US state were 7 US Presidents born in?


How many presidents were in the US?

there were 44 presidents in U.S.A.