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This is a complicated question, for the following reasons: Some men went into the service, and ultimately Vietnam (and for some they made the ultimate sacrifice), because they were going to be drafted or were actually in the process of induction and were offered RA status (Regular Army-volunteer), in return for better choices (e.g. duty station, training , etc.), therefore in the true sense of the word...they weren't truly "volunteers" the way they are today. Another group of "volunteers" (RA) were given that choice from the courts (judge), jail or the war. Many of these men upon receiving this "second" chance, made good on it, and are leading citizens today; but again, they aren't truly "volunteers", just men who were given a second chance to lead productive lives. The last group would be the "volunteers" as most people would think of volunteering because they wanted to for personal reasons, for what ever those reasons were.

As for statistics regarding the latter group of men, as a sampling, there was a Basic Training Company of recruits in 1969 at an Army Fort, that consisted of five platoons to a company, with 50 men per platoon. That was 250 men (recruits). Out of that figure approximately 5 were RA, true volunteers.

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Nearly all US Female military & civilian personnel volunteered for Vietnam duty. They served as nurses during the war.

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Q: How many US voulenteered in Vietnam?
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