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seven articles and twenty-seven amendments

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7 articles and 27 amendments

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Q: How many amendments and articles are in the Constitution?
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How many articles are there in the US constitution?

There are 7 Articles in the constitution and 27 Amendments.

How many articles does the constitution have-?

There are seven Articles in the Constitution. The three parts of the Constitution include the Preamble, the Articles, and the Amendments.

How many articles were in the the original constitution?

There were 7 articles in the original Constitution.

How many amendments were ratified under the old articles of confederation according to linda monk?

There were no amendments in the articles of confederation. The constitution has amendments.

How many articles is the US Constitution divided into?

7 articles and 27 amendments

How many articles are presently in the Indian constitution?

There are 395 Articles, 12 Schedules, and 83 Amendments in Indian constitution.

How many articles have been added to the constitution?

Amendments? 27

Who The Constitution is divided into how many main parts?

The US Constitution is divided into Articles, each of which is further subdivided into Sections.

How many Articlse are ther in the constitution?

Seven Articles and twenty-seven Amendments. Some of the 27 Amendments modify parts of the seven Articles.

How many aricles are in the constitution?

The Constitution, in its current form, consists of a preamble, 22 parts containing 444 articles, 12 schedules, 5 appendices and 98 amendments to date.

What is the last article in the Constitution?

Constitution has three partsPreamble-IntroductionArticles-tell how the government worksAmendments

How many times is the word privacy mentioned in the Constitution the articles and amendments?

the word "privacy" is not actually mentioned in the Constitution