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Q: How many black and hispanic federal judges are there?
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How many judges are there on the federal supreme court?


How many judges are on US court of federal claims?

There are sixteen judges on the US Court of Federal Claims. They serve 15-year terms of office.(16)

How many judges for federal court sit on each case?


How many judges are there in the UK?

There are 969 judges in the uk including 2 Asians and a single black man

How many federal judges has George W Bush appointed?

200 Bush appointees have been confirmed to the federal bench

How many judges serve on the US court of Federal claims?


How many Federal judges have been impeached over the course of American history?


Who is responsible for appointing judges to the federal court?

The president appoints judges to the supreme court. But there are limits on how many, im not sure what those limits are.

How many terms may a judge serve?

Federal judges are appointed for life. There are no terms for them. Terms for state judges are determined by the constitution of the specific state.

What do Hispanic guys think of girls that are mixed with black and white?

There are many things that Hispanic guys could think of girls that are mixed with black and white. Some guys may like it, and others may not, it is a matter of opinion.

How many black people are judges?

The question does not have enough information to answer. Which country are you talking about?

Why don't we have many Hispanic judges in the Judicial system?

because we don't have enough equality in the world including the government another reason could be not all Hispanics had an education.