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Mary Hays McCauley had 6 kids named

  • Frank
  • Dawn,
  • John,
  • Bob,
  • Nicole


  • Olivia
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Q: How many children did Mary Hays McCauley have?
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Mary Ludwig Hays is often referred to as Molly Pitcher. It is recorded that she one son, Johanes or John, with her first husband, William Hays.

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How many kids did Molly Pitcher have?

Yes she had son with her first husband John Casper Hays or William Hays depending on who you believe the real Mary Hays. Also it says that she was pregnant sometime within the war (started in 1775) but gave birth before her famous battle of Monmouth in June 1778. It is beleived that she only had one child with her first husband although could be possible for them to have two children

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At the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse, in New Jersey, June 28, 1778. It was extremely hot that day, well over one hundred degrees. Many soldiers died of heatstroke. But the water Mary carried was not for drinking. Her husband was an artilleryman, part of a cannon crew. After the gun was fired a soldier had a sponge on a long wooden staff which he used to swab out the inside of the barrel. This extinguished any remaining burning material in the barrel from the previous shot, which kept the powder for the next shot from exploding while they were trying to reload to the gun. Obviously this was very important. The sponge had to be kept wet. When they got low on water in the sponge bucket, the soldiers would call "Molly, pitcher!" which was how she got her nickname.

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