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one,Philippe De Carteret

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Q: How many children george carteret have?
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Where was George carteret born?

George Carteret was born in Jersey, England in 1610.

When was George de Carteret born?

George de Carteret was born in 1886.

When did George de Carteret die?

George de Carteret died in 1932.

When was George William de Carteret born?

George William de Carteret was born in 1869.

When did George William de Carteret die?

George William de Carteret died in 1940.

George Carteret owned land in what part of New Jersey?

The town of Carteret

What did Sir George Carteret do?

I think that Sir George Carteret Found New Jersey. Correct me if im wrong. Thank you

What did John Berkley George Carteret do?

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Who found New Jersey?

Answerjohn Berkeley, and George carteret

When was Sir George Carteret born?


What two men owned New Jersey?

Sir George Carteret and Lord John Berkeley

Is john Berkeley and George Carteret dutch?

they were Dutch