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There are 257 countries in the world.

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Q: How many countries and islands are there in the world?
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Does Philippine has the most islands in the world?

Yes, the Philippines has around 7,641 islands, making it one of the countries with the highest number of islands in the world.

How many African countries are islands?


How many countries is the Caribbean islands made up of?

26 countries : p

What is archipelagoes?

Archipelagos are the countries or states that consists of many islands like Philippines and Indonesia.

How many independent countries are there in the Caribbean Islands?


Name four European countries that are islands or have many islands with in it?

Great Britain, Ireland, Greece, Italy

Is Ireland the European country with many islands?

Ireland does have many islands, but so do some other European countries, particularly Greece.

What are two groups of islands?

There are many groups of islands around the world. Some are island countries and some have several different countries within a single group.The Caribbean islands, also called the Antilles and the West Indies, have many islands that were colonies of European countries (Spain, France, Britain, Netherlands).The islands of Polynesia are widely scattered across the Pacific OceanCountries of Asia that are island groups include Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Russia has a large number of islands in the Arctic Ocean. The US state of Alaska has a long band of islands called the Aleutians in the northern Pacific. The US state of Hawaii, farther south, consists entirely of islands.

How many countries did Captain Cook discover?

Captain Cook did not discover any countries. He explored many, including New Zealand and Australia, and he discovered and named the Hawaiian Islands, which he originall called the Sandwich islands. He did not discover any countries.

How many airports are located on islands?

Many airports all over the world are located on islands.

How many countries is Bahamas bordered by?

The Bahamas is a nation composed of many islands, also known as an archipelago. It does not border any countries because it is surrounded by water. The nearest countries are Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic and USA.

Was the world called when all the countries were combined?

No, because the islands like the Bahamas near the Caribbean Sea were always islands far away from the coast.