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The machine gun was first introduced in World War II. This was the first war with massive numbers of casualties due to destructive weaponry and guerilla warfare, among other causes. It is impossible to pinpoint exactly how many deaths the machine gun has caused since its introduction, or even in that war alone.

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No, it caused most death in WW1 though.

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Q: How many deaths did the machine gun cause?
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What were the results of the machine gun?

many deaths

How did advances in the tank and machine gun affect soldiers in the trenches?

greater accuracy and larger explosion range cause faster deaths so the battles wouldn't last forever

How many Deaths in the American civil war were caused by gun fights?

623,123 deaths

What included new weapons used in war that caused these high casualities?

MAny deaths in ww1 were cuased by going over the top. This led to being blown up by enemy artillery or being shot with defensive machine guns. Ex. artillery: british 60 pound gun or machine gun: british Lewis mk light machine gun.

How many deaths by the gatling gun?

No data kept

How many gun deaths have been attributed to having been bought at gun shows?

No data

How many bullets does a machine gun have?

Depending on the gun, no limit. A belt fed machine gun can have a belt added to a belt added to a belt.

How many gun related deaths in japan in 2010?


What is the definision of a machine gun?

It varies. Generally speaking, if one pull of the trigger will cause the weapon to fire unitl all available ammunition is expended, you have a machine gun.

How many people did Machine gun Kelly kill?

No. Machine Gun Kelly has never killed anyone. But his favorite Gun is a Tommy kepsake machine Gun which he is said to have only fired at tin cans

Which is correct machine gun or automatic machine gun?

Machine gun or machinegun. All of them are automatic, so it is redundant to say that. There is no such thing as a semi automatic machine gun, or a single shot machine gun. That answer is correct, but many people use the term fully automatic machine gun or full auto machine gun to specify they are not talking about a semi-auto pistol or rifle, which are commonly referred to as autos, and sometimes that term confuses people.

What is the world's most powerful light machine gun mmg medium machine gun and hmg heavy machine gun?

light machine gun is the m249 a medium machine gun is the m240 and the heavy machine gun is the browning m2 50. cal machine gun