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Napoleon of France fought against the Allied forces (primarily the Duke of Wellington and the Prussian Marshal Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher). At first Napoleon was winning against the Duke, and almost won, until the Prussians reinforcements arrived and sealed the fate of the French. The French lost and Napoleon was exiled from France, and King Louis the XVIII was reinstated as king of France.

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The Battle at Waterloo saw over 32,700 soldiers wounded or dead. The battle also ended Napoleon's reign as the Emperor of France.

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On the French side, 51,000 were killed. Among England and its allies, there were 24,000 casualties for a total of 75,000 deaths in the Battle of Waterloo.

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Q: How many died in the battle of Waterloo?
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What was the battle that napoleon died in?

He died in 1821 where he was exiled after his last battle at Waterloo in Belgium.

Where might one go to learn more about the Battle of Waterloo?

One can learn about the Battle of Waterloo from many different historical references. Many libraries will have books about the Battle of Waterloo in their collections while websites such as History have lots of information about the topic.

Was the battle of Waterloo in Belgium or US?

The battle of Waterloo was in Belguim

Did napolin die in Waterloo?

No. Napoleon I died 5may1821 on St Helena Island where he was held in exile. The Battle of Waterloo was fought 18jun1815

When was battle of Waterloo fought?

The Battle of Waterloo was fought on June 18,1815.

What was the battle that ended Napoleon's power?

No battle ended his reign. He was exiled to St. Helena and died

Who died on a ship at Waterloo?

Unless the ship happened to be stranded on land in belgium for some unknown reason, no-one died on a ship at Waterloo - It was a land battle, and not even on the coast!

What are facts about the battle of Waterloo?

The french lost. it started on 18th june 1815 tha battle recived its name waterloo because wellington was in waterloo the night before the battle.:))))))poo

What battle was napoleons final defeat?

The Battle of Waterloo (Belgium) against the British, Prussians and their allies from Germany and the Low Countries.

What battle did the duke of wellington defeat napoleon?

In the Battle of Waterloo near Brussels. Belgium on 18 June 1815.

Where did the last battle for Napoleon Bonaparte happen?

That happened in Waterloo, in Belgium (just listen to the lyrics of Abba singing the song).

What did Napoleon do to strengthen France?

he did not weaken France but his last battle was the battle of Waterloo he weaken France then because he lost the battle of Waterloo so it was the end of napoleon at the battle.