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Every single state in the United States of America has 2 (federal) Senators each.

Utah's (federal) Senators are Orrinn Hatch (R) and Robert Bennett (R) ---- I think you may have meant STATE SenatorsUtah has 29 State Senators

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The Utah State Senate consists of 29 members.

Utah has 2 senators in the US Senate, as does each of the 50 states.

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Q: How many federal senators do you have in Utah?
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How many senators are there in utah?

There are two United States senators from the state of Utah. The two senators are the long serving Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee.

How many assembly men are there in Utah?

The Utah State Legislature has 75 state representatives and 29 senators. There are no term limits for the representatives and senators.

How many senators are in Utah?

Two (as in each state of the U.S.)

How long has Utah senators served?

A Utah senator serves for 6 years

How many Representatives does Utah have in the Senate?

The state of Utah, as with every state, has two United States Senators. They have four members in the U.S. House of Representatives.

What is the difference between state and federal senators?

State senators are elected by the residents of the state to represent them in the State Senate. Federal Senators are elected by the residents of a state to represent them in the Federal Senate. State senators make laws for the state, while Federal Senators make laws for the entire nation.

Who are Utah's Senators and Representatives?

Orin hatch bob bennet

How many Senators in NM?

There are 2 senators at the federal level, just like every other state in the Union. State level, I'm not sure.

What is the portion of senators elected?

All senators are elected. There are no senators that are appointed to the position. This is true for both state and federal senators.

How many senators are there in Mexico?

There are 31 states in Mexico with one federal district. Much like the US which has 2 senators per state, so does Mexico. Technically speaking there are 64 senators, including the the two from the federal district. However, a series of reforms during the 1990s have made it possible for there to be up to 128 senators.

What branch of government do senators work for?

In what branch of federal government do senators work?

Are US senators and representatives federal employees or state employees?