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There are 2 House of Representatives and the Senate

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2010-01-29 22:09:27
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Q: How many houses does The state legislative have?
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How many houses does the u.s. legislative branch have?

the legislative branch has two houses

How many houses in qld state parliament?

The Queensland State Parliament has only one house - the Legislative Assembly.

What are the names of the houses in the Tasmanian state parliament?

The houses in the Tasmanian state parliament are the House of Assembly and the Legislative Council.

How many houses in the legislative branch of California?

We have 2 houses.

How many states in India has two houses viz.legislative assembly and legislative council?

how many states in india has two houses viz., legislative assembly and legislative council

How many houses does the legislative branch have?

The Legislative branch has two houses. 1. The House of Representatives 2. The Senate

How many houses are there at the legislative level in France?


Which state of Australia does not have two houses of Parliament?

Queensland no longer has two houses of Parliament. It has just the Legislative Assembly.

What are the 2 houses of state parliament in Adelaide?

House of Assembly and Legislative Council

How many houses of Parliament are there in Victoria?

The Victorian Parliament has two houses: the Legislative Assembly (lower house) and the Legislative Council (upper house).

How many houses are in Missouri's legislative branch?

There are two houses in Missouri's legislative branch, which is why it is bicameral. The houses consist of the Senate which has 34 members, and the House of Representatives which has 163 members.

How many houses does the legislative branch have in the articles of confederation?


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