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Q: How many husbands did susanna Dickinson have?
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Did Susanna Dickinson have pearents?

Did Susanna Dickinson have a mom and dad

What is Susanna's Dickinson maiden name?

What is susanna dickinson's maiden name

What did Susanna Dickinson look like?

There is a link below to an article on Susanna Dickinson. It has a portrait of her.

Were Sam Houston and Susanna Dickinson related?

Sam Houston and Susanna Dickinson were not related.

How many husbands did suzanna Dickinson?


Where did susanna Dickinson lived?

Susanna probably grew in Tennesse

What is Susanna Dickinson's full name?

her full name is Susanna Wilkerson Dickinson Williams Herring Bellows Hannig

What year was it when susanna Dickinson married almaron Dickinson?


When was Sussana Dickinson born?

Susanna Dickinson was born in 1814.

What is susanna Dickinson best known for?

Susanna Dickinson was the sole adult survivor of the Battle of the Alamo. It is estimated that as many as 250 Texans may have died in this battle, which is often known as a massacre.

Where did susanna Dickinson die?

she fell

Who did susanna Dickinson marry?