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Q: How many inches was john Hancock's signature on the declaration of independence?
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The measurements for the Declaration of Independence are 24.5 inches wide and 29.75 inches high. The Declaration was created between June and July 1776 and ratified on July 4, 1776.

What are the measurements of the Declaration of Independence?

Size of the signed original Declaration of Independence in the National Archives in Washington, DC, is 24 1/2 inches wide and 29 3/4 inches high.

Who was the oldest person to sign the Constitution?

John Hancock is credited as the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence, as he was President of the Congress when it was drawn up.His bold signature has become a household phrase. Someone who signs a document is said to "put his John Hancock on it." Hancock reportedly said of his signature, "King George can read it without his glasses. "

How many copies of Declaration of Independence?

The Declaration of Independence is only one page in length.

Who sign the declaration of indepence the biggest?

it was john hancock, president of 2nd continental congress whopresumably signed first, and his iconic signature was about 5 inches(13 cm) long.

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The hall measures 106 feet and 10 ½ inches in length; it is 44 feet and 7 ¼ inches in width. The highest point of the building is the top of the steeple spire which is 168 feet and 7 ¼ inches off of the ground.

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Can The Declaration of Independence be stolen?

No one has ever attempted to steal the Declaration. As it is almost impossible, the case is made of bullet proof glass, surrounded by guards, monitored with cameras with a heat sensors within the glass, go close to that thing with a fever and you'll be hauled right out of there. And to top it all off, every night it is sealed in an underground vault behind 3 inches of solid steel and 20 armed guards. So tell me, do you feel lucky... Punk?

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