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There are 3 mayors in Delhi after the division of MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi). They represents as per the region of the state capital. The regions are-

1-North Delhi.

2-South Delhi.

3-East Delhi.

The other 2 Municipal Corporations are-

1-Delhi Cantonment Board.

2-New Delhi Municipal Corporation.

These two Municipal Corporations are not governed by Mayor's They are run by administrators appointed by the Government of India.

NDMC-As per NDMC Act, 1994, an eleven-member council headed by a Chairperson governs the NDMC. Out of 10 members 5 are officials and 5 non-officials. Among non-officials, 3 members are members of the legislative assembly representing constituencies in the NDMC area, another 2 are drawn from amongst eminent personalities. The MP of New Delhi Parliamentary Constituency is a special invitee of the Council.

Delhi Cantonment Board- It is run by the defence Ministry.

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Q: How many mayors are there in Delhi?
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