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Thier are 151 members in parliment.

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Q: How many members in Parliament sa?
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How many members in QLD'S state parliament?

there are 61 members in QLDS state parliament!

How many members of Parliament does Israel have?

The Israeli parliament is called "Knesset", and it has 120 members.

How many members of parliament are there in the government in jamaica?

The Jamaican House of Parliament includes the President of the Senate, Cabinet Members, Parliament Members, Senators, and Committee Members. The Parliament Members are made up of Government Members and Opposition Members.

How many members in Estonia's parliament?

It has 101 members.

How many members are in the houses in the parliament nsw?

There are 93 members of the lower house and 42 members of the upper house in the NSW parliament.

How many member in Parliament?

There are currently 650 members of Parliament (as of 2010).

How many members are in Parliament IN Ghana?

two hundred members in parliment

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