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8 men signed both the Declaration of Independence and the constitution of the U.S.

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39 men.

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Q: How many men sighned the constitution?
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How many people sighned the constitution?

28 people signed it

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Where was the US Constitution sighned?

Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA

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When was the U.S Constitution sighned?

September 17, 1787september17,1787

Where was was the Constitution signed?

The Constitution was signed at Independence Hall on September 17, 1787. But the signatures that are even more important are those given by the states as it was being considered for ratification.

How many people sighned the declaration of independce?

1 person signed. it was jack mehoff.

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How many men originally signed the constitution?

39 Benjamin Franklin was 81 when he signed the u.s. constitution.

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which of these were the first men to adopt a constitution