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Q: How many months does a Presidential campaign last?
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After the candidates have been nominated how many months does a Presidential election campaign last?

i guess it could last about 14 months i guess it could last about 14 months

How many months is a presidential campaign?

Senator Obama has been at it for 21 months, Sen. McCain a little less.

After candidates are nominated how many mouths does a presidential election campaign?

it lasts a little over 2 months.

Presidential ordinance can remain in force for how many months?

6 months

How many months you mean exactly from the first day in office to the last is a presidential term you know four years but you need the exact months and you cannot seem to find the answer?

Umm, What? If you're asking for the number of months a president is...president then it'd be 48 months.

How many days did the galliopli campaign last?

The Gallipoli campaign lasted for about 4 days.

Two good reasons for following polls during a presidential campaign?

Primaries let the public nominate presidential candidates. Many think when they cast their ballot, they are voting for their candidate. In actuality, they are selecting groups of electors in the electoral college. These are two good reasons for following campaign polls during a presidential campaign. Watching the polls will let you know what's going on! -SMOOVE SETTLES-

How many people are in a presidential campaign?

well i will give u some advise dont be on this website its all fake!

How many months did McCain and Obama campaign?

5 moths 5 moths

Incumbents have run in how many of the last twelve presidential elections?

Incumbents have run in seven of the last twelve presidential elections.

In the last presidential election how many independents were there?

SIX people

How many days are in the last 3 months?

there are 92 days in the last 3 months.