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A number of folks were there for many of the meetings but not at the signing. That was not necessarily because they opposed. Three men present at the time of signing specifically

refused refused to sign the document: George Mason of Virginia, Edmund Randolph of Virginia, and Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts. Randolph later championed the Constitution at the Virginia ratifying convention, and Gerry became a big supporter of the Constitution after its ratification.

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well I belvive that is a very impposible question I dont think no one knows for sure how many people did not sign the constuiotn. But you could probley estimate it.

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Q: How many people did not sign the the constitution?
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Who were the first five people to sign the Constitution?


Who were all the people to sign the Constitution and become president?

it was Rodney

How many delegates were there to sign the document-the US Constitution in 1787?

in the year of 1787,39 delegates were there to be able to sign the document- the united states constitution

Why did some people not sign the constitution?

There was no Bill of Rights declaring freedom

How many of the thirteen state did sign the U.S constitution?

The Number of states that signed the Constitution was nine.

Did George Read sign the constitution?

He didn't sign the Constitution.

Why was James Madison called the father of the Constitution?

Same thing he was one of the people to sign the constitution he already had a plan for the new government

How many women signed the constitution?

No women did sign the constitution. the time of that was before the women was alowed anny rights.

Which state had the most people sign the constitution?

Pennsylvania had eight people sign the Constitution. *Benjamin Franklin *Thomas Mifflin *Robert Morris *George Clymer *Thomas Fitzsimons *Jared Ingersoll *James Wilson *Gouverneur Morris

What state was the fifth to sign the constitution?

Virginia Was The Fifth State To Sign The Constitution.

Did John Hancock sign the United States Constitution?

No, William Houstoun did not sign the constitution.

How many states signed the constitution?

The original 13 colonies had Representatives to sign the Constitution, but only 12 of those colonies had representatives. So the answer is 12 states had people who signed the Constitution.