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Mauna Loa is a volcano in Hawaii. There have not been any severe eruptions in recent times but an eruption in 1926 and 1950 wiped out all nearby villages.

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Q: How many people died from mauna loa?
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How many people died When Mauna Loa erupted in 1950?

No-one died when Mauna Loa erupted in 1950.

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How many people died when Mauna Loa erupted?

None in recent years.

How many people lost there jobs in mauna loa?

In the 1984 eruption about 13 people lost their jobs in the mauna loa volcano.

How many eruptions has Mauna Loa had?

Mauna Loa has had 39 eruptions

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How many people were killed when mauna loa erupted?

i have no clue

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How many people where injured in the Mauna Loa Volcano?

About over 10,000