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12 million people :))

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100 million

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Q: How many people in China were addicted to Opium?
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Were the British defeated by the Chinese in the Opium War?

Chinese were isolated for a long time while, British invented many weapons which let Great Britain defeat China in the Opium War.

What is the Cause and effect of the second opium war in china?

Causes:British aggression and expansionalism. - Opium became the most valuable commodity trade in the 19th century and financed much of Britain's colonization of India.Amount of drug addicts increased to about 12.5 million in 1836.Manchu's corrupt and backward government refused to trade with the British.Had to instigate redress.Results:British gain rights in Chinese ports (More ports are opened)Extraterritoriality (Foreign citizens subject to their home laws)After 2 disasterous wars in 1839 onwards the Chinese realized they couldn't win and gave up.

Why is China the most racist country?

I argue that it is not. For the most part, people do not take arms up against people of other races, cultures, or even smaller differences which seem insignificant, like in many other countries. Many different races live in China, and there are hundreds of different dialects of languages spoken in China. China is not the most racist country, not even close.

What influence did foreign nations have on china from 1912 - 1938?

The years between 1912 and 1938 were filled with upheaval in China. It was marked by the driving out of many of the foreign people there because it was believed they were a bad influence.

Which country uses copper the most?

Many experts agree that China is the country that uses copper the most. Currently China's demand for copper is higher than the supply available.

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How many Chinese people became addicted to opium by 1835?

around 2 000 000 Chinese people used opium on a habitual basis

What was the drug blamed for draining Chinese treasury of silver?

Opium, in a number of related forms, is produced from poppy flowers. Many in the Emperor's court became addicted to the drug after it was introduced to China in the Middle Ages. In the 19th century, Britain fought two wars in China that included legalizing the trade in opium.

How did China influence the world beyond Eastern Asia?

Opium and the Opium Wars is one of many ways.xx

Did opium have a big affect on people in the 1800s?

The affect that opium had on people was mainly the First opium war 1839-1842. That war was between the British East India Company and Qing Dyunasty of China forcing China to allow free trade in opium. The era was known as the "end of Chinese isolation bringing them into modern Chinese history ending the monopoly of trading in opium. The rest is all history with the Chinese bringing opium to Sanfrancisco and addicting many Americans. hat

How many times have Britain and China gone to war?

twice in Opium War 1 and Opium War 2

How many people died durng the opium wars?

ofirst (1839 - 1842)nbetween China and Britain, osecond (1856 - 1860) nbetween China and a British-French alliance

What is opoum and can it kill many people?

opium kills people by overdose opium kills people by overdose

Which drug is responsible for addicting many people in Afghanistan?

Opium has many people addicted in Afghanistan. This lethal drug has led to over 2,700 civilian deaths and over 4,800 civilian injuries alone in 2012. Many children are also having this drug addiction in Pakistan also.

How many people are addicted to inhalants?


How many people are addicted to illegal drugs?

A LOT of people.

Can one grow opium in America?

Yes. Many people grow poppies in the US, and some are used illegally for opium.

Why British attack china in the opium war?

The Opium War was fought over cultural, diplomatic and trade differences between Britain and China, although named after a single substance (opium)Because of it's many centuries of isolation from the West, China had no need of western goods or services to match the Western taste for spices, silk and tea. Opium from India, however, of high quality and potency like nothing cultivated in China, found popular favor with China's massive population.Scottish merchants therefore transported opium from ports in India and sold it at great profit to an increasingly addicted Chinese populace.Chinese officials became increasingly uncomfortable with problems of crime, fecklessness and social irresponsibility that resulted from opium misuse.The Emperor of China himself appointed Lin Tse-Hsu as Imperial Commissioner for the Destruction of Opium. Western traders bristled at this interference with trade and profit but, undeterred, Lin arrived in Canton, the only Chinese city where trade with the West was permissible, in March 1839, and set about destroying 20,000 chests of opium. The international Hong merchants of Canton were henceforth forbidden to trade in opium on pain of death. This action was seen by Britain as an unwarranted attack on free trade, as destruction of British property, and as dangerous interference with British subjects abroad. Troops were sent out from India to reinstate European-style free trade.The Opium War as can be seen above was frustrating to Chinese authorities. The war took place in the years 1839 - 1842, and was part of Great Britain's imperialist programs in China. By its victory, Great Britain forced the following terms: A. China was compelled to allow imports of opium;B. Annexed Hong Kong; andC. Granted Great Britain the privilege of extraterritoriality.