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The population of Whitby, located in North Yorkshire, is estimated to be 13,213. The town is located in the Scarborough district.

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Q: How many people live in whitby?
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Where does Dracula live in England?

Whitby, on the coast. Whitby, on the coast.

When was Live in Whitby created?

Live in Whitby was created on 2010-07-26.

How many people are in whitby?

It depends on what type of day. On their special regatta weekend there are many more people on a normal day even though Whitby will never be dead!!

What is so special about whitby that makes people want to live there?

the type of people that live in whitby is very specific. Whitby originated from the word WIt-a- by or something which in some othe language means "White Town" which is exactly what it is. Whitby is full of white people and it always has been untill now when all the overflow people from scarborough come and settle there. Anyway, its a amizeing place to live with great senerioury and people. Liveing there gives a sence of peace- like you escaped from the bust noisy city into and town yet, your so close to toronto. It has a rich culture, horistric sites, and the best private schools. Whitby generally is better to live in than toronto because there are no large business or big residental towers. There is a lacking of crime other than teenagers smokeing pot. Whitby allows you to escape the city and gives you a sence that your in a better place. I would live thare than in toronto any day.

Were does Dracula come live in England?


How many type of shop in whitby?

There are many different types of shop in Whitby, but the most well known are the Whitby Jet Jewellery shops.

How many famous people were born or live in whitby?

famous local people are Captain Cook, John the Bellman, Henry Freenam, St Hilda. William Scoresby, Cannon Atkinson and Caedmon. For a fuller and compete list visit any Whitby Pub Also I Am the God of hellfire ARTHUR BROWN is from Whitby. He set his hair on fire.

How many steps up to Whitby abbey?

There are 199 steps up to Whitby Abbey.

How many people visit whitby?

The real answer is fairly complicated, but in simple terms the number is 17.

What is the population of Whitby number of people?

Whitby, North Yorkshire had a population of 13,213 when the last census was conducted in 2011.

What was the history of fishing in whitby?

Whitby has a history of Herring Fishing and a Whaling industry. Both stopped many, many years ago.

Why is captain cook famous in whitby?

Captain Cook lived in Whitby while he was an apprentice in ship building. He also sailed from Whitby when he discovered many parts of the world, including Hawaii and Australia.