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Q: How many people work for the treasury department?
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When did G. Allen Andreas Jr work for the U.S. Treasury Department?

U.S. Treasury Department, Denver, 1969-1973

What are the jobs of the department of treasury?

The Department of the Treasury is a government bureau dedicated to dealing with America's money. They print money, work to keep the economy afloat, and collect taxes.

How many people work in the Department of Transportation?


Where did Neel Kashkari work before being appointed to the Department of the Treasury?

99% sure ....Goldman Sachs

Does the department of secret services work with the department of treasury?

Yes, because their primary responsibility, the purpose for which Abraham Lincoln authorized their creation, is to combat counterfeiting.

Why did George Washington need cabinet members?

He needed cabinet members because he couldn't do all the work by himself. He had to many issues that's why he had created 5 departments which were Treasury department, War department, Attorney general, State department, and the Post office department. The postmaster general did not have cabinet rank.

How many people work for department of labor?

The Department of Labor in the United States employs around 16,000 employees.

What is the difference between the US treasury and the Department of the Treasury?

The US Treasury is the branch of the corporation known as the UNITED STATES, that handles the financial affairs of the incorporated company that has the same name as our country. The Department of the Treasury is the arm that handles the financial affairs of our country itself, they work in unison to move money from the left hand to the right hand and then circulate it through the "citizens"or employees of the UNITED STATES inc.

What departments did Congress create to do the work of the executive branch of national government?

They made 3 departments. 1. State Department with Thomas Jefferson. 2. War Department with Henry Knox. And 3. Treasury Department with Alexander Hamilton. :D

What are some jobs in Chile?

There are many jobs available for people who lie in Chile. People can work in restaurants, department stores, or as police officers.

What departments did congress create to do the work of the executive branch of the national government what responsibilities did each of these departments have?

Several executive departments were created by Congress including Secretary of the Treasury and Secretary of State. Others were Attorney General and Secretary of War.

How can you find out about what work is available at the US Treasury?

Once can find out about what work is available in the US Treasury by checking a number of places online. Many government links may offer certain information about it, however, the best place to go is to the official us treasury website.